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     以      色      列      诺      嘉

DESIGN is booming in China. Designers, curators, manufacturers, and the general public are looking for inspiration from leading designers the world over.


Outstanding public and private museums, innovative galleries, huge international fairs, and numerous art academies in dozens of cities offer countless avenues for the display of contemporary design.


NOGART CN successfully collaborates with museums, galleries, art academies, universities, manufactureres, and Chinese design companies. It organzies a wide variety of design-related activities, including:

  • Exhibitions

  • Sales

  • Cooperation with Design Companies and Jewellery Stores

  • Competitions

  • Cultural Exchanges Workshops

  • Manufacturing

  • Lecture Series in Universities and Academies of Art

  • Public Activities in Museums

  • Art and Design Fairs

In 2011-2014 NOGART CN succesfully organized a series of high- porfile projects for the renowned Israeli artist Ofer Lellouche.



In April 2012 NOGART CN organized a succesful trip to Beijing for the leading Israeli jewelry designer Vered Kaminski.

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